PYO Pumpkins 

Once you've entered the pumpkin festival site, we'll guide you up to the pumpkin patch, you can stroll about searching for your ideal pumpkins

Carving Barn

After you have selected your pumpkin you can borrow a wheel barrow and bring it down to the carving barn, where you can get yourself a carving kit and get artistic.



On certain days (see timetable on home page) you might bump into Mr Pumpkin Head or the Grim Reaper on the pumpkin patch

You'll also be able to visit the Redcliffe Witches in their hovel, if you dare. Maybe they'll read you a story!



Under cover Inside the carving barn you'll find our super bouncy castle (it's not a castle, it's a farm)

Free to use for any small person that has paid their pumpkin festival entry